First few days in Mazunte

First few days in Mazunte

Dec 5, 2017

28 hours after we left Montreal, I made a mistake when buying the plane ticket I didn't check our itinerary, we finally got to Huatulco’s airport on our way to Mazunte, the first stop along our journey to self-sufficiency. We did several research and we’ve been planning this trip for the last couple of years through the Earthship Academy and doing other Earthship builds. Guillaume also played around with Earthbags . Prior to leaving, we sold everything that we had and also got a job to work remotely as web developers. Why Mazunte? Because we’ll be doing a construction workshop there! We’ll be building a self-sufficient orphanage from the 8th of december to the 18th. The workshop will focus on AirCrete Technology . I won’t say much more about it because a few other posts will be dedicated to the subject.

Mazunte is located on the pacific coast of Oaxaca state in Mexico. It’s a small and beautiful beach town with a hippie vibe. We’ve been here for 6 days and haven’t found yet anything bad to say about this little piece of paradise. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far.


During the low season, no need to reserve in advance for lodging. There is so many little cabañas to rent, you’ll have plenty of choices once you get there. Also, by being on site you’ll be able to compare prices on the spot. Figure out the best place by testing wifi, checking out the bathrooms, the beds etc… We’ve managed to find a place for 230$ CAD/month. This include a private room, shared bathroom, shared kitchen and a decent wifi connection. We found that place on Airbnb and Eugenio our host is very cool. We couldn’t be more happy. Though the high season starts on December 24th so expect prices to go up. Make sure to book in advance if you were to come at that time.


Make sure you have local money when you arrive in such small town. In Mazunte there is only one ATM and it’s often broken. If you are in trouble, you can exchange your American dollars at an unreasonable rate 15 MXD for 1USD at La Baguette bakery on the street that leads to the Rinconcito beach. To find a better exchange rate, go to the next village of Pochutla located about 35 minutes from Mazunte in a colectivo. The colectivo is a truck that carries about ten people, with no defined stop. You must wave or whistle if you want to get on board. 15 pesos is the price for a one way ride to Pochutla. Banks in Pochutla will not exchange your dollars. You need to find a store called Elektra . You can exchange up to $300 per person and you must show your passport.


Not everyone speaks English here. You will have no trouble communicating with foreigners in Mazunte but if you want to have a minimal contact with the locals, know what you’re ordering at the restaurant or ask for directions, learn the basics of Spanish or bring a dictionary. Download the free Duolingo app and practice Spanish a few weeks before your arrival! An alternative would be to take Spanish classes right here in Mazunte at the Iguana Institute . The school has a breathtaking view on the sea, the teachers are dynamic and you have the choice of taking courses in a small groups of 3-4 people or private, 2h or 4h per day. Group prices are $ 7 CAD / hour, private $ 13 / hour.

Iguana Institute


Unfortunately, I can not say too much about it because I do not practice it. What I can tell you is that Mazunte is known for its yoga practice. You can practice it as a beginner or complete the training to become a yoga teacher. While walking in Mazunte, I saw the Om Shanti community where they give classes all day long and Hridaya Yoga center .

Om Shanti community


Wow, we love Mexican food. Here’s a few places we’ve tried:

  • La Baguette bakery
  • Juice bar
  • Mezcaleria bar
  • Sahuaro -> vegetarian, vegan, sushis, ceviches
  • Siddhartha -> in front of the main beach, cocktails promotion, pool table
  • a French restaurant! -> La Cuisine
  • Italian restaurant
  • A multitude of vegetarian options

As for prices, you can usually get by for 50-60 pesos per plate. The Taqueria restaurant on the main avenue serves tacos at 10 pesos each. Our favorite dishes were the huevos rancheros at the restaurant Agujón and the best vegan option is the classic bowl at Sahuaro. :) The french restaurant La Cuisine makes a kick ass filet mignon for about 130 pesos ($9 CAD). This restaurant is owned by a French expat and it’s worth the detour.

Huevos rancheros
Classic vegan bowl

Who are we?

We are from Montreal. In fact, Guillaume is French and I have Uruguayan origins. I will write another post presenting us more.

Stay tuned for our next posts on Mazunte, the next one, probably on the activities. Do not hesitate to ask questions, make criticisms or even suggestions! I will be extremely happy to read them!


Translated by Federico

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